The 2011 Electric Car Guide: Discover the truth about owning and using electric cars

The 2011 Electric Car Guide: Discover the truth about owning and using electric cars

by Michael Boxwell

Smog, global warming (if it really exists, right?) and the ever-increasing cost of gas are all compelling reasons to seek out alternative transportation sources.  But in our mobile world, it is impossible to do without a car – most of us commute several miles to and from work each day, making it impossible to rely on buses, bikes or feet to get us where we’re going.

Enter the electric car.  Even though they have been around for years, we really don’t hear much about them yet.  Perhaps they are too expensive for many people, or there are other barriers to ownership like long-lasting batteries or high repair costs.  Whatever the case may be, I expect we will begin hearing more and more about these “cars of the future”.If you have made 2011 the year you follow through and make the leap into electric car ownership, The 2011 Electric Car Guide will help guide you through the ins and outs of buying, owning and maintaining an electric car.  The author, Michael Boxwell, has owned electric cars for years and shares his insights to help prospective owners make an informed decision.

The 2011 Electric Car Guide offers a complete guide to the benefits and drawbacks of electric cars, information on the latest models and the true environmental impact of owning an electric car.  Other electric car owners have added their insights as well, giving readers a well-rounded, true account of what it’s really like to own electric cars.

With a perfect 4-star review on Amazon, The 2011 Electric Car Guide delivers what it promises and helps give you an easier and more informed buying decision.