September 2019

Nuclear Weapons 699 - Five Dollar Part Will Cost Pentagon Almost A Billion Dollars To Replace

    I recently blogged about Congressional hearings that were called to consider problems with new U.S. nuclear weapons programs. It appears that faulty electrical components that were purchased on the retail marked for electronics resulted in huge cost overruns and delays. I now have more details on those problems to share.

Radioactive Waste 409 - Finland Is Working On Underground Repository For Spent Nuclear Fuel - Part 1 of 2

Part 1 of 2 Parts
    One of the biggest problems with nuclear power generation is the accumulation of hundreds of tons of spent nuclear fuel with no system of permanently disposal. All nations using nuclear power have a problem with disposing of spent nuclear fuel.

Lemon Elderflower Drop

Lately I'm obsessed with Jordan's Skinny Mixes, and for good reason: they are calorie-free, carb and sugar-free and taste incredible. If you don't do artificial sweeteners, unfortunately they don't have a lot of natural sweeteners, but I'm hoping that their collection grows. In the meantime, I'm grateful for the swaps, especially the really flavorful blends like Unicorn, which is blue raspberry flavored and my favorite.

Art Gallery Games

If you're ready to take game night out in the world and away from your introvert haven, a great place to begin is... the art museum! This sounds weird, but if you and your friends want to try something totally different, these games are a great way to embrace new experiences. If you're teaching kids and teens about art, you can use them for that, too.

Super Easy Pumpkin Pudding

It's the season of all things pumpkin, but that doesn't mean that everything has to be complex--or that you have to venture out and spend a lot of money on desserts. In fact, if you have a bottle of pumpkin spice syrup or a spice mix on hand, you can pretty much make whatever you want. I like to blend pumpkin spice blends with my coffee and some cream or coconut milk for a frothy treat!

Gym Germs

People raise a lot of stink about the germs found on keyboards, kitchen sponges and cell phones, but the equipment we use to work out at the gym is also covered in gross bacteria microbes that you wouldn't want to touch if you knew they were there. A treadmill, for example, has 416 times the amount of bacteria as a toilet!

New Pet Portrait Mode Coming To iPhone 11

Even though I have more pets than many people I know, between our dogs, cats, chickens, guinea pigs and mice, I can't really empathize with people who feel the need to take perfect pics with their pets. I have an ancient, outdated Android that has never taken decent pics and I use it on my own family members, let alone the critters, and while sometimes I do wish for better picture-taking skills, I'm usually okay with this.

Easy Pumpkin Pancakes

Remember the Great Pumpkin Shortage (which sounds like it should end with Charlie Brown) a few years ago? It was impossible to make anything pumpkin, from pies to dips to even beverages, unless you bought them pre-made, at least where I live. Pumpkin syrups like this one help remedy that problem by not only giving you the flavor you want without the pumpkin, but also cut the calories and sugar you would normally add. (Actually, combatting climate change would be a better help to saving any produce from freak weather patterns, but that's another post!)

Unicorn Sparklers

I'm a big fan of Jordan's Skinny Mixes, and the more of them I try, the better recipes I find. Take this super simple one for Unicorn Sparklers. All you need is some champagne, your syrup and the whipped foam, if you want it. Poof! A gorgeous, tasty drink in seconds. I suggest Unicorn because it's my favorite Skinny Syrup, but you could make this with so many other syrups that they offer that the ideas are really endless.